In 2012 I wanted to learn to do something that was fulfilling. I was fortunate to receive an apprenticeship under Chris Martakis in San Diego, CA. I gained a solid foundation in safe practices, quality jewelry and how to create an awesome experience. From my first time in a shop to this day it has always been my goal to become more knowledgable to provide the best piercing services with quality jewelry that I can. This is motivated by the many amazing people I have had the pleasure to meet and pierce through the years. I still continue to expand my techniques by pursuing extended education at the Association of Professional Piercers conference, in several online communities and under the shadow of some very talented piercers. Now I am able to share my skills with others via classes I've been able to teach online, by being brought to other studios to teach and by engaging in my community to make other piercers better in the ways they wish to learn. This has all made me the piercer I am today and I am excited to share my experience with so many people to come. Please scroll through a small selection of my portfolio below and when you're ready use my email or socials to get in contact.
More work is constantly added to my instagram.​​​​​​​
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